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Electrical Plug Types

Type A
Common in North and Central America and Japan
North America Plug Type

This flat 2 prong plug type is used all over North America.

In the US Plug one pin is actually slightly longer than the other. This can sometime prove a problem if used in Japan as their pins are of equal length. But the Japanese ones work in the USA OK.

Type B
Common in North and Central America and Japan
North America Plug Adaptor Information

This plug has 2 flat prongs and 1 rounded prong.

This is basically the same as the Type A but with a grounding PIN.

This is really just a more modern version of the Type A Plug


Type C
European Plug (except UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta
Europe Plug Adaptor Type

This plug has 2 rounded pins. Its very widely used throughout Europe with the exceptions mentioned above.

Most modern wall sockets will have a 3rd hole for a grounding pin, but these 2 pin plugs will still fit in perfectly.


Type D
Used mostly in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Namibia
India Plug Type Information Adaptor

This a 3 pin plug with rounded connectors.

This was an old english style plug that is now found throughout India , Nepal, Sri Lanka and Namibia


Type E
Common in Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakia, Tunisia , Morocco and the Czech Republic
Poland Czech Plug type

This is a 2 pin plug with a hole in it. This is because the plug Socket has a ground pin sticking out.

This type of socket means that a Type C plug cannot fit in. Otherwise this cable is the same.

This is used in Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakia, Tunisia, Morocco and the Czech Republic


Type F
Used in Germany, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain and Eastern Europe
German Holland Sweden Norway Portugal Spain Plug 

This is 2 pin plug with rounded terminals. It is the same a TYPE C except it has a rounded shape and contain grounding pins on the side. This is so it can be gounded when connected to a socket.

A Type C Plug will work in a Type F Socket it will just not be grounded.


Type G
Mainly used in UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
UK 3 pin Plug type adaptor

This is a 3 pin plug. The Pins are rectangular in a triange formation.

This plug type contains a fuse in the plug.

This plug is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Honk Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.


Type H
Israel Only
Israeli Plug

This plug is unique to Israel

It will commonly have 3 rounded pins in a V Shape, though older version have only 2 pins.

Type I
Used in Australia, New Zealand, Paupa New Guinea and Argentina
Plug used in Australia New Zealand and Argentina 

This is 3 pin plug. They are layed out in a V shape.


Type J

Switzerland Only

Plug type used in switzerland

This is a 3 pin plug used only in switzerlnd and Liechtenstein.


Type K
Denmark and Greenland
Denmark Plug Typ

This is a 3 pin plug.

A Type C plug can fit into a Type K socket all OK.

Type L
Plug type used in Italy

This is a 3 pin Plug with the connectors all in a straight line. This type of plug is used almost exclusively in Italy.


Type M
South Africa , Swaziland and Lesotho
Plug used South Africa

This is a 3 pin Plug with rounded terminals. The ground terminal is much larger than the other 2 terminals.

This Type M may also be used in larger applicances in India, Sri Lanka and other Type D counties.



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